Hinkson Christian Academy has been such a joyful time of my life. Being a senior, I look back at my life at Hinkson and once more remind myself of how blessed I am. I have spent three out of four of my high school years at this school and have not regretted a moment of it.

I was born and raised in a Russian family, according to Russian traditions, and have been going to Russian school up to ninth grade, thus did not know that my life would change so much, as I switched from Russian school to Hinkson. The atmosphere, the warmth of people, relationship between teachers and students, all this was new to me. I have never seen people being so united in love for God.

First of all, Hinkson is a unique community that loves the Lord in all ways. I have seen it every day of my life. I have grown so much spiritually at HCA, got to know who God really is. It’s an international school, so it was very unique and neat to see so many different cultures being in such unity. I have been accepted by the people and felt their love from the first day I was there.

Secondly, I have never thought that a teacher can also be your friend. Such relationship was new to me. I felt that there was always someone that I could talk to, that I would never be left alone with my problems. Students were also always open for a talk or a prayer, which was such an encouragement to me, as a new student.

Lastly, the atmosphere of school and classes struck me. Unlike other schools I have attended, Hinkson teaches you to think creatively, state your point of view, and share your thoughts with others through different class and group activities. It was never boring to me, because teachers would find a new creative way to help students to learn.

This year, I am graduating with an awesome class of four Koreans, three Americans, and one Canadian. I went from not knowing any English when I started to being a president of my class and a member of Student Council. God has really made Hinkson a wonderful place for me. Hinkson Christian Academy is not only my school now, but also my family, where people know my weaknesses, yet accept me the way I am. Hinkson Christian Academy really prepared me well for college life, and gifted me with amazing friendships all over the world.

Sasha Afanasenko