The Learning Support Center (LSC) exists to help students who are struggling academically. It consists of educational testing, guided study halls, tutoring, accommodations/modifications, and educational therapy. Parents and teachers refer students who are struggling to the LSC at which time, an educational evaluation is scheduled. Upon completion of the evaluation, the LSC Coordinator meets with the parents and teachers to determine if the student would benefit from LSC services. The following services may be suggested:

NILD Educational Therapy focuses on strengthening the areas of deficient functioning. The goal is to help students develop tools to become independent learners. Educational Therapy consists of two 80-minute sessions of intensive one-on-one therapy per week. A variety of techniques are used to stimulate areas of cognitive and perceptual weaknesses and strengthen overall thinking skills. Rather than just giving students life preservers, students learn to swim. For more information about NILD Educational Therapy, visit their website at www.nild.net.