Unlike many in the community, our family didn't come to Moscow because of Hinkson. Even when we arrived three years ago, finding a Christian school for our children wasn't on top of our list. We are not missionaries; we are what is known around Hinkson as a 'business' family. Eventually, however, when we did find the school, when our prayers led us here, our lives changed in unimaginable ways. We didn't come to Moscow because of Hinkson, but the school, our 'breath of fresh air' in the Russian capital, is now a big incentive to stay.

Here we found not only a school with the highest educational standards but a second family for our children. Hinkson gives us, as parents, an enormous sense of peace at any time of the day, any time of the year. There is always something going on in our lives, but amidst the challenges of the week, there is never a worry about what goes on at school. Our children are in an environment where every single adult, without one single exception is a positive role model. The children here get a wholesome education, an education in which their spiritual and intellectual developments are not viewed as two distinct entities but are fully integrated. All children are treated with respect by the amazing teachers that work at this school and in turn they learn to treat each other with the same respect. The level of acceptance and support among the students is one I have not often experienced before.

We have been at Hinkson for over a year now - and please notice the pronoun I instinctively use. It is not only our children enrolled at the school, we as a family feel part of the community, too. At Hinkson school doesn't end when the last bell goes at 3.30 in the afternoon. There is always something going on, and even if it is only an event organized for the students, parents are always encouraged to participate and are always free to come and go. In fact, parents are welcome at the school any time of the day. Some come to take care of business, others often just pop in for a cup of coffee or chat. You will never go unnoticed, at any given time there will be at least half a dozen people stopping to say hello. New teachers often get stressed before a parent-teacher-conference but I have heard many report after their first said event that they felt awed and amazed by the positive comments and general encouraging attitude of the parents towards their work. I believe I can speak for all Hinkson parents when I say we are forever grateful for the excellent work and care of our teachers and grateful to God for leading you, teachers, here.

This is a school of grace. By the grace of God and the grace experienced at Hinkson on a daily basis we now have two well-balanced, well-developing and happy girls who love being a Christian, love being at a Christian school - and an added bonus, like schoolwork and don't even complain about homework.

It is truly a privilege to be part of this community and be a part of the awesome work God is doing not only in our immediate environment but through the dedication and faith of teachers, parents and students alike, in the wider community of Moscow as well.

Andrea Hak-Kovacs
HCA Parent