At HCA, we are committed to the development of our students not just academically, but also intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. We believe that fine arts instruction benefits students in many ways by supporting brain development, developing creativity, imparting cultural sensitivity, and providing healthy emotional expression. Through music, drama, and the arts, we encourage all our students to develop their talents and abilities to serve others.


All elementary students in K-6 attend music classes weekly in preparation for performances in the fall and spring. Besides vocal instruction, students learn basic skills on several instruments including percussion, chimes, the recorder, and the ukulele.


HCA’s strong musical tradition continues in secondary with the middle school and high school choirs, culminating in the annual Bella Notte, a musical theatre performance written, choreographed, and performed by the high school choir. Community members enjoy a beautiful meal provided by the junior class during the performance. Other performances throughout the year include secondary programs at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

ACSI Honors Choir

Many of HCA’s students have shown incredible musical ability over the years. To provide training and performance opportunities for these students, HCA participates each year in the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Honors Choir and Orchestra. Following preparation throughout the school year, students travel to some of Europe’s most beautiful cities to join other young musicians from schools across the continent for an intense week of training and performances.

Four short days are spent in long rehearsals polishing a rigorous selection of sacred music, bonding with other students, and enjoying new cultural experiences. At the end of the week, all the hard work and preparation leads to performances in some of the most beautiful and historical venues in Europe.

The ACSI Honors Choir and Orchestra not only provide excellent opportunities for our students to grow musically. Students are mentored throughout the year, as staff and teachers invest in them, encouraging them to use their gifts for the glory of God and benefit of others.