Hinkson Christian Academy endeavors to hire teachers who demonstrate excellence and integrity both in and out of the classroom. Our teachers are encouraged to use creative, hands-on instructional approaches to secure pupil participation and to develop a love for learning.

Our teachers hold collegiate or university degrees in education, or in core content areas of instruction. Our school administrators have advanced degrees in education, as well as certification in key leadership areas.

We are always eager to meet new teachers who are not only passionate about quality instruction, but who also desire to nurture and disciple young people socially and spiritually in a grace-filled international environment. If you are positive, flexible, and see eternal value in the everyday work of nurture, our school could be a great fit for you. Please fill-out an interest form or an application and we’ll establish communication with you.

We welcome applications for the following positions*:

- Early childhood specialists (Kindergarten)
- Elementary teachers (grades 1-5)
- Secondary math teachers
- Secondary science teachers
- Secondary history teachers
- Secondary English language arts teachers
- Foreign language instructors
- Physical education instructors & athletic coaches
- ESL/Tesol specialists
- Learning differences or special education instructors
- Reading specialists
- Computer & technology instructors
- Visual arts & photography instructors
- Choral & instrumental music instructors
- Media & marketing strategists

*Positions listed are not guaranteed to be immediate vacancies.

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