One of the greatest benefits of living in a foreign country is the chance to study and learn about another culture and language. Russia is a country with a wonderfully rich culture, fantastic traditions, and a challenging and expressive language. HCA provides Russian language instruction beginning in Elementary all the way through the 12th grade.

Living in Moscow, the central hub of Russian culture, is a blessing for Hinkson students. Language learning at Hinkson is much more than a classroom exercise. Students take field trips to museums, festivals, and shows. All of this comes under the guidance of native speakers of the Russian language. In the classroom as well, studies are not limited to textbook exercises, but include song, film, poetry, guest speakers and much more. Students are expected to use only Russian in the classroom and give presentations and projects in Russian.

The goal is that such language preparation will allow students to truly be a part of the culture and the land, which for many of them is as much home as their passport country.

For native Russian speakers, Russian courses provide important support and preparation for our Russian students sitting for yearly exams in Russian schools, as well as preparation for the state graduation exams (ЕГЭ).

Elementary classes perform throughout the year. They enjoy the opportunity to prepare skits or puppet shows for their peers and others. Many traditional Russian children's stories and songs are captivating and fun to present.