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Hinkson Christian Academy exists to assist families by educating and training their children in a Christian environment thereby enabling them to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially in order to serve God and man with excellence and integrity.


Hinkson Christian Academy is looking for teachers who not only love academics, but desire to nurture and disciple young people socially and spiritually in a grace-filled international environment. If you are positive, flexible, and see eternal value in the everyday work of nurture, our school could be a great fit for you!
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Korean academic program

The Korean Program at Hinkson Christian Academy is unique among international schools. The Korean program was started as result of a growing number of Korean students in our student body, and a realization of the importance in preparing and equipping them for re-entry. In the beginning of the Korean program at Hinkson Christian Academy in the fall of 2002, Suwon Central Christian Academy of South Korea played a very important role in recruiting and sponsoring a full time staff member. Our two previous teachers, Jin Gap Jang (2002-2006) and Seok Kang Cho (2006-2008), were from Suwon CCC. At present, Mrs. Sarah Yoon, a local hire, is in charge of the Korean program.

Program Objectives To provide Korean students a program that seeks to offer classes about their history, literature, culture, and language so that they will have a well-developed sense of their national identity and understand the foundational elements of their country and heritage To provide these students with a uniquely Christian view of both the Korean world and the broader world so that the students become disciples of Christ who are well prepared to return to their native culture and go into all nations.

Summary of Program Korean students in grades 1 through 8 are required to take the Korean class. The emphasis at every grade level is to teach the specific subject in Korean, however, in a third cultural context. Following is a list of what subjects are taught at the various grade levels:

1st - 3rd grade (4 days a week)
  • Bible
  • Praise songs
  • Bible stories
  • Memorization of verses
  • Korean language(reading and writing)
  • Korean Program Grades 1st - 3rd

Korean Program Grades 4th & 5th
4th grade (5 days a week):

  • Korean history and culture

5th grade (4 days a week)
  • Bible Panorama

Middle school 6th - 8th(once a week)

  • Korean reading comprehension
  • writing
  • Korean teen-culture
  • Christian worldview
  • Chinese idioms