"Passion for Christ,
Impacting the World"

Hinkson Christian Academy exists to assist families by educating and training their children in a Christian environment thereby enabling them to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially in order to serve God and man with excellence and integrity.


Hinkson Christian Academy is looking for teachers who not only love academics, but desire to nurture and disciple young people socially and spiritually in a grace-filled international environment. If you are positive, flexible, and see eternal value in the everyday work of nurture, our school could be a great fit for you!
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Science Fair 2017part II

  • In the begining of April 2017, our middle school students and 4th and 5th grades presented their projects about the wonderful world of science. Students prepared exhibits, conducted experiments and showed off their interesting facts

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  • Each year HCA high school students audition and become a part of the annual gathering of Association of Christian Schools International to join together to perform choral and orchestral concerts in Europe. In 2017 we added a band to the performances in celebration of our 12th anniversary.

  • In 2017 performances were in Prague, Czech Republic at San Salvador Cathedral. This year's choral conductor was Dr. Jo Ann Rediger from Taylor University, USA; the orchestral conductor was Dr. Chris Bade from Taylor University, USA. There were over 120 students from 10 ACSI schools that participated in the performances.

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Cambridge chess tournament in moscow 2017

  • Three HCA middle school students represented our school for the first time in the "Cambridge Chess Tournament" on March 25th, which took place at the Cambridge International School in Moscow. Our athletic director and one of our elementary students also came and cheered on our players.

  • Each of HCA's chess players had one or more victories, and one achieved 3rd place in his category. HCA received the 3rd place trophy for the tournament. We are proud of our students for being willing to try something new and for representing our school well! 

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HCA TEAM spirit

  • On August 28th, our HCA teachers, students and their parents celebrated the new school year as a big sportive team.
  • Most of the HCA community took part in the competition like jogging and walking for 5 km.

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Junior High drama team

  • On May 7th, our Junior High Drama Team presented Roald Dahl's "James and the Giant Peach". It was an energetic, humorous, and incredibly fun performance!

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